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Spring 2023


2020 Campbell Ranch Chardonnay  - Alma Fria

2020 Campbell Ranch Chardonnay

This 2020 bottling tastes like the persistent coastal fog after it has dripped off the surrounding redwoods, albeit thru a Chardonnay lens. Packed with lime-citrus zest, wild fennel, and a persistent saline acidity, it zips around the palate with a true coastal freshness.

$55.00 750mL
2017 Doc’s Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir SR  - Alma Fria

2017 Doc’s Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir SR

Vibrant aromas of cranberries and wet moss lift from the glass at first. These flavors are soon followed on the palate with impressions of blood orange and cardamom. A complete wine that transports the drinker into the sea mist and surrounding coastal redwoods!

$75.00 750mL
2021 Plural Pinot Noir  - Alma Fria

2021 Plural Pinot Noir

Red raspberry, black cherry, and tangerine pith flavors merge like tributaries forming a larger, more iconic river. 

$40.00 750mL
2019 Holtermann Vineyard Pinot Noir  - Alma Fria

2019 Holtermann Vineyard Pinot Noir

As vineyard’s age, their wines simply taste more and more like themselves. They synthesize the surrounding plants, underlying rocks and climatic winds into flavors that represents the exact place. Sure, this 2019 vintage offers the usual hints of blood orange, cranberry, and cinnamon stick but, mostly, it tastes like standing in the middle of the vineyard on a foggy wet morning while breathing in fresh redwood twigs and drinking in the layers of natural history beneath your feet.

$75.00 750mL